Bharat Interior

Bhanawat’s, Udaipur

Bhanawat’s Residence:

In the art of creating a truly aesthetic experience, the pivotal factor lies in achieving a delicate equilibrium between functionality and visual allure. At Bhanawat’s Residence, this philosophy becomes a living reality, where every design choice is a testament to our commitment to harmonizing form and function.

A shining example of this harmonious design is evident in our approach to lighting and storage solutions. Each element serves not only a functional purpose but is also meticulously selected to enhance the overall visual appeal of the space. In essence, Bhanawat’s Residence is a canvas where the brushstrokes of functionality and visual appeal dance in unison, a masterpiece by Bharat Interior. Lighting, in particular, becomes a source of artistic expression, casting a warm glow that complements the natural tones of the palette.


As the sun sets on this completed masterpiece, it leaves behind a space where aesthetics meet functionality, and Bharat Interior's legacy of crafting timeless, personalized havens continues to unfold.

Lake City Garden, Sec 14, Udaipur

Completion Tenure
March 2022 to July 2022

2150 Sq. Ft.