Bharat Interior

Mr. & Mrs. Khandelwal Ka Ghar, Udaipur

Khandelwal ji House:

Khandelwal Ji House, a 2530 sq. ft. penthouse by Bharat Interior in Udaipur's Navratan Complex, stands as a testament to purposeful design. Crafted with precision from January 2020 to October 2021, every corner reflects meticulous planning. Clean lines and thoughtful detailing ensure clutter-free spaces, complemented by a tranquil terrace garden offering panoramic views.

A sacred pooja ghar adds spiritual essence to the residence. Completed and ready for occupancy, Khandelwal Ji House is more than a home; it's an embodiment of harmonious living, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal in the heart of Udaipur's vibrant landscape.

Navratan Complex, Udaipur

Completion Tenure
January 2020 to October 2021

2530 Sq.ft.