Bharat Interior

Hotel Khumani

Hotel Khumani:

Nestled in Sukher, Udaipur, Hotel Khumani is a 25,300 sq. ft. marvel by Bharat Interior, completed in October 2021. Boasting 54 opulent rooms, each a fusion of modern amenities and timeless elegance, the hotel redefines luxury. From the chic restaurant to the purposeful conference room, refreshing pool, and tranquil garden, every element is crafted for a sophisticated experience. Initiated in April 2019, Hotel Khumani stands as a completed masterpiece, inviting guests to revel in a stay "At Par" – an impeccable blend of comfort, style, and grandeur.

Sukher, Udaipur

Completion Tenure
April 2019 to October 2021

25300 Sq.ft.